5 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Life & Attract Your Deepest Desires In Life, Career & Relationships
For Ambitious Women Wanting More Joy, Ease &  Freedom
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Hey! I'm Christine Nicole, a Spiritual Empowerment & Business Launch Coach for Ambitious Women Wanting More. I'm also an energy healer and skincare formulator for Bodycherish.

BUT, there was a time before all of that where I was trudging through life on auto-pilot in an unfulfilling job & relationship. I remember when I was chronically RUSHING to get to the next step in life (by societal norms that is). You know, the corporate career, the marriage (too early and to the wrong person), the new house, the new this or that.... but along the way I was missing something (can you relate??)

I was missing a deep inner sense of connection to my purpose, alignment with my authentic self and fulfillment, joy and ease being part of each day. I was also lacking overall confidence & clarity with the direction I was heading.

From the outside looking in, things seemed perfect.. but on the inside I was wanting to FEEL better & confused why I wasn’t. Then, over a very short period of time (triggered by a traumatic brain injury, skull fracture, divorce, addiction and cat-fishing), I had no choice but to re-sculpt my life, my relationships and even career path from the inside out. 

I learned how to literally become an energetic match to what it is I wanted. I learned how to dissolve subconscious patterns that were limiting my success & once I did that, my life catapulted BIG TIME! 

I condensed my process and what worked to Elevate My Life💫 into this FREE class, where you’re going to be equipped with 5 Simple Ways To Start Getting The Freedom, Joy-Filled & Purposeful Life You’ve Been Craving💗

What makes this Free Training & Program an extremely unique experience, is that it supports women in raising their vibration, overhauling their mindsets, aligning with their higher purpose + passions, while gaining confidence & clarity to set the foundation for a DEEPLY fulfilling life.

This is absolutely free - but for women who feel called to learn more, I will also be sharing more information at the end on the Elevate Your Life - Signature 16 Week Program, that has been consistently changing the lives of women around the world for over 2 years :)

See you inside!!

It is TIME to CATAPULT You Onward + Upward & Bring Your Unique Gifts to the World!! 
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