13 Step Formula To Launch (Successfully) Your Soulpreneur Dream Career
Masterclass for start-up coaches, holistic healers, lightworkers and heart-driven entrepreneurs who want to build a premium brand and live a freedom-filled life
Break Free From Mediocre & Live A Passionate Life, Doing What You Love!

This Very Special Masterclass Event is for you if...

*You Crave a Life Where You Wake Up Each Day Feeling Joy, Ease & Freedom to Live Life on Your Termsūüíē

*You Are Spiritual & Willing to Embrace Wealth Consciousness and Law Of Attraction Principles That Will Dramatically Transform Your Life

*You Are Making 0 to 5 K/month In Your Soulpreneur Biz & Ready to Attract Higher Levels of *Monergy (money is energy)

*You Are a Start-Up Online Coach, Holistic Healer, or Lightworker  With a Divinely Inspired Idea That Is Worthy of a Bigger Income

*You Want To Uncover Your True Passions & Purpose So That You Can Feel Deeply Fulfilled In the Work You Do

*You Want to Create An Irresistible Brand So You Can Launch It With Confidence & Clarity!

 Exclusive Masterclass Access 
This is a very special event that is guaranteed to get you transformative results - seats are filling up FAST...
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Christine Nicole, International Transformation Expert, Energy Healer & Business Coach for High Vibin' Soulpreneurs, is most known for launching spiritual women into new levels of success, fulfillment & income.

She practices what she teaches as she is a serial entrepreneur in the holistic health world, founding Bodycherish, a natural skincare line & energy healing practice, as well as her transformational coaching programs. 

Although now 34 years old and living life epically, sober & travelling the world, her late 20's included a battle with alcoholism, a traumatic brain injury, loss of smell, a divorce and many other rock bottoms that lead her to become wildly obsessed with a holistic approach to transformation. 

Prior to her private coaching practice, she worked for 9 years in corporate as a Primary Therapist & Physiologist in rehabilitation, mindset coaching & career planning.
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